All of our cooks at Micatto are Italian. There is no one else that understands what Italian food is about better than them. Their years of experience and passion for cooking is clearly seen on a plate and in the taste of our delicious meals.

They are led by magnificent chef Giuseppe Maggio. Thanks to our open kitchen you can how they work, how much effort they put into each meal and how much they enjoy it.

Waitresses and waiters

You could not expect anyone else on those positions – they are Italians as well. They know almost as much about our menu as cooks. They are very friendly and open to everyone so do not hesitate if you have any questions. They are more than happy to help with anything or simply give you some advise on what you may like.

We are all big Italian family here and you can feel that in the air. Micatto - great food, unique atmosphere and Italian temperament.